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"A holistic approach to the art of building"

"When you demolished and rebuilt nearly an entire Subway store in 24 days, you set a new record in Orange County for the fastest complete remodel."

Mike F.

Orchid's Special Assignments group will streamline any task that requires special attention, regardless of its size, type or condition. We are set up to handle projects that cannot, for whatever reason, be accomplished through conventional routines.

Expedited/Fast Track Construction Projects

Short lead times and accelerated schedules are not new to Orchid. A project can be expedited through its various phases by having some tasks initiated or overlapped concurrently. The risks with this type of project can be overcome with careful planning.

Phased/Constrained Projects

Often, a facility is in full occupation and operation when facility updates, modifications, or tenant improvement projects need to take place. You can trust us to work as quietly and discreetly as possible, with minimal disruptions to the tenant. In such limited-space circumstances, communicating and working with the tenant will help to gain more insight to their likes and dislikes. It also helps in better planning and implementation of the subsequent phases of the project.

The subtle details involved in demolition often get overlooked. Getting rid of pre-existing structures or walls in a tenant occupied building calls for extreme care. Orchid is sensitive to the needs of the occupant and we take care to minimize air and noise pollution during a job.

Facility Services

Our experience and knowledge allow us to provide services from minor repairs to complete facility construction and everything in between. In consultation with you, we will design service solutions to meet your needs, priorities and budgets. This process will allow you and your staff to concentrate on your business while eliminating facility worries. Look at Orchid as a single point of contact for any facility need that you may have.


Orchid has the vision, experience and business skills to help you with any special project assignment. Are you unsure how to approach a task? Looking for solutions to unique construction problems? Let us do the brainstorming for you.

For any assignment that you feel may be outside the realms of conventional contractors, please contact us.


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