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"A holistic approach to the art of building"

"We are looking forward to doing business with you again and thank you for setting the example of how a contractor should operate a business."

Enrique Martinez
Los Cerritos Center

Entrepreneurial Environment

The Orchid team is unique and experienced. We are a well-integrated group of skilled professionals with a comprehensive knowledge of building, tenant improvement and construction management.

Orchid fosters an entrepreneurial environment where respect, talent, honesty, innovation and collaboration are valued. Individually, our professionals are masters in their own right. Together they form a powerful inter-disciplinary team that drives projects forward.

Customer Service

Orchid wants to raise the industry benchmark for customer service. We want to provide our customers with a level of support, product, and service that exceeds their expectations, every time. At Orchid, customer service is not a department; customer service is built into everything we do. It is built into our processes. We meet our customers' needs by carefully listening and taking the time to answer questions before, during and after completion of the project.

Controlling Costs

In today's competitive climate where budgets and schedules are critical, Orchid is able to assume every segment of your building, construction and project management needs. We save you time and money.

At Orchid we value the conservation of resources through a well-planned and controlled approach. With appropriate planning and effective control, we successfully eliminate the use of excessive building materials, unnecessary use of equipment and redundancy in human resources.

Innovative Approach

Orchid is always one step ahead, developing and refining new ideas to assure the most effective and efficient use of resources. We are a highly disciplined organization that believes in the establishment of processes and procedures. This helps with smoother implementation and consistency of a project. You get a higher level of service with Orchid.

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